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Possibly a FAQ/Maybe I'm just blind - Create a new note from clicking on an ID?

My workflow previous to Zettlr was very wiki based. I used to create the "points" of an outline and assign an timestamp ID like Zettlr does. Usually from an agenda or set of talking points. Then as the meeting progressed to the topic, I would simply click the ID, and since it didn't exist as a file, a new empty file was created and the editor opened it up for writing.

It seems like that process is pretty common (Roam, Notion, wikis), but for the life of me I can't seem to find out if it implemented in Zettlr. I've read the excellent documentation, including shortcuts, without success.

If it is implemented, I'd be happy to learn the process to make it work. If it isn't available, I'll submit as a feature request on GitHub. I didn't see any existing requests which makes me think I'm just missing something.

Thank you!


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