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Todo list in Zettlr?

This discussion is an extension of #192 : https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/issues/192


Most of my professional and personal projects are written. Those are a bunch of text files containing research, writing, files, etc. When something needs to be done, I usually add a "TODO : do something" in the text. Like "TODO : check the source" or "TODO: find a synonym".

For non writing projects, I was using Evernote but doing exactly the same there : note with a list of TODO. "List of things to have in my bag for the travel. TODO: buy new toothpaste"

But as I'm using a TODO manager, I was always copying "TODO" from notes/text files in my todo manager. Well, not always, which leads to discrepancies.

Inspired by the book "Digital Minimalism", I thought about simplifying my workflow. What if "non-written" projects became written projects too? (after all, is all letters on a screen). This lead me to the realisation that I don't really need Evernote anymore (or, at least, I will not once I can access easily to my Zettlr notes from my phones but that's out of the scope here).

Testing this workflow mades me realise that I was handling TODO in Zettlr while copying them in a TODO manager (that I manage twice a week, forgetting tasks, etc). What is missing to use Zettlr as a TODO manager? Not a lot.


if Zettlr had smart folders/filters (which is planned according to #189), nothing would be needed. I just could use the keyword #TODO, have a smart filter on it and immediately see the list of file with "#TODO". At this point, I would be already quite happy and this would be the end of the story.

But I would probably miss a few things to make it really handy.

Even better solution:

The same as above but the "smart folder", instead of displaying the files containing "#TODO" would display the line of the "#TODO". Allowing me to have multiple todos in the same files and access them easily.

(Not discussing how to implement it but, as you can see, this implies no UX change in Zettlr except a preference called "enable TODO").

If that feature works well, we may start to think about how to mark a todo as done but, in the first time, I think that the discussion boils down to: is it a feature useful for writers and note takers?


  • I add to my argument that Zettlr having a Pomodoro timer, it seems to clearly be more on the productivity side than "pure writing without any other feature" (like Ulysses).

    And I believe it's a good thing as long as productivity features help with writing without interfering. The pomodoro example is good: I don't use it at all (I don't like this technique) but the existence of this feature has no impact on my focus.

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