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Suggestion for the file list

edited February 27 in Features

Hello all,

I am a new user of Zettlr and first of all I have to say that it is an awesome app that I love working with.
After some days using it I come with a consideration about the structure of the side bars, particularly in the expanded sidebar mode.

In the expanded sidebar mode, the information that is shown in the two columns looks a bit redundant to me . I would expect to see the folder structure in the file tree (as we actually see) but I would also expect to see only the files --and not also the folders-- in the file list. This is actually the behaviour that is shown in the tutorial YouTube videos, but I found something different when I started using the app. I looked for an option in settings to change this behavior but I couldn't find it.

About which files to show in the file list when you select a folder in the file tree, there are two possibilities in my opinion:

  1. Show only the files inside the selected folder, omitting therefore files in subfolders.
  2. Show recursively all files in the selected folder and all its subfolders . In my opinion this option is preferred.

What do you think about that? Is there any reason for the actual behaviour?

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