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CSS - Margins editor, background color Quicklook


thanks for this great program! I'm a note taking and zettelkasten fan!

Unfortunately I don't know much about CSS, but I would like to make some adjustments. After I spent some hours with my own CSS attempts yesterday, I'm now trying to answer my questions here:

  • What CSS code can I use to change the margins - especially top and left - in the editor?
  • Which CSS code can I use to change the background color in the Quicklook window (it should be different than in the editor)?

Thanks a lot,




  • edited February 2020
    #editor .CodeMirror {
    margin-left: 100px; /* Adapt this for margin left */
    margin-top: 100px /* Top margin */

    This should do the trick, it might be that you need to put !important between the margins and the semicolons that end the statements (e.g. margin: 10px !important;)

    ah, and the background colour is the same as in the main window, to override just the quicklooks, maybe experiment with this:

    body .quicklook-standalone #editor {
    background-color: yellow; /* Adapt*/
  • Thank you, that helps me ...

    have an nice weekend,


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