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Errors on network drive access

I have an external drive attached to my Mac Mini. When I try to open a folder there from my MacBook Air I get errors.

MacOS Catalina 10.15.3
Zettlr 1.6.0


  • I ended up moving the folder in question. It is now a root folder on the external drive. I am also testing access to the drive over the network differently, but both ways result in the same path (smb://

    When I open the folder 'gtd-11ty' none of the folder structure appears in the sidebar, no matter which option I pick (Thin, Expanded, Combined). My first attempt today indicated success, but with no folders in the sidebar. Now I just get the usual series of confusing success/failure popups

    So was it successful or not? Hard to say, except that I see no folders or files in the sidebar.

  • In an additional test, I get the same exact results when attempting to open a file on my laptop internal hard drive.

    In other words, this app won't open any folder anywhere! Absolutely unusable. I'm rather floored...

  • Found this issue:


    This allows me to open directories, but there are many, many sub-folders which won't open or which are blocked from access, preventing me from using this for any sort of normal SSG folder structure. In other words, rather useless. Uninstalling, closing this issue.

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