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5 improvement suggestions

First I would like to thank you for a wonderful piece of software. I'm looking forward to use Zettlr for many years from now on. Zettlr has a unique way of doing things, which I like.


1. Pomodoro timer sound test

Pomodoro timer should have a button; test sound. That way I can adjust the volume correctly. One option could be, that once the user activates the sound button, a sound could be heard.

2. Bug in global search

If I search for word in global search and press enter twice quite fast, Zettlr shows the results twice on the sidebar.

3. Highlighting table text in global search

Zettlr does not highlight words in tables when searching with global text search. Normally Zettlr highlights words that are searched with global text search.

4. Highlight with double equal signs should be in text formats -menu

I can highlight with double equal signs. This formatting option could also be in text formats -menu.
Is this kind of highlighting normal feature in markdown? Or is it just Zettlr? At least Typora does not recognize it.

5. Copy tags to clipboard improvement

Zettlr should copy only filtered list to clipboard, when "copy to clipboard" is pressed. Now Zettlr copies all of the tags, even if "filted tags" is active.

Ps. is this forum the right place for this kind of posts? Or should they be posted to Github?


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