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how do I get regular links working?

Hi, I just discovered Zettlr and am very hopeful that it will be a new home for all my text file notes.

I can't figure out how to get links to work, for example if I have this:

it just sits there like in the code format above and doesn't turn into a link. I have the "render links" setting on, but its still not working. The file "RapidNFR.ideas" is a text file (RapidNFR.ideas.txt) so I tried making a RapidNFR.ideas.md version but that didn't work either (kind of glad because I don't want to change all my files to "*.md")

What am I missing?


  • Dave


  • Hey, what you've typed is a ZKN-link, not a "regular" Markdown link — you can follow it the same as the Markdown links, by holding down Alt (or Ctrl, I don't know which OS you use). They don't render because there's not so much of a tail that you need to take care of, so it doesn't "render away" as much as regular Markdown links (where the link part is something that hinders you of reading the link)!

    However, there's an issue on GitHub where people are talking about how to render these links differently, so maybe some changes will be made in the future!

  • What's my first step troubleshooting this? I'm on Linux (Manjaro xfce) and neither alt nor ctrl + left click (or right click) work to go to the link.

  • Mh. Okay, first, for internal wiki-style links to work, the linked file needs to be loaded into the app (because otherwise Zettlr won't find it). Then, as I said, an Alt-Click or Ctrl-Click should work. Here's what should happen:

    1. The note's name will be placed in the global search field
    2. a search will begin for it
    3. If a file matching the link (excluding extension) is loaded (.txt-files should work as well) it will also be opened.

    The important part is to have all notes loaded into the app, as Zettlr is designed to have all directories with which you would like to work loaded into the app.

  • Here's what I've figured out so far:

    [[RapidNFR.ideas]] does work (goes to that file inside Zettlr) if I ctrl-click, but if I put it in a table like this:
    |[[RapidNFR.ideas]]| it doesn't work (that's what I'd actually been doing before)


    [RapidNFR.ideas] doesn't work
    [RapidNFR.ideas](RapidNFR.ideas) tries to link to a URL "https://rapidnfr.ideas/"
    [RapidNFR.ideas](RapidNFR.ideas.txt) opens the file "RapidNFR.ideas.txt" successfully, but in the default text editor

    [test](test.md) opens test.md in the default markdown editor (not zettlr)
    [test] doesn't work either (although both test.txt and test.md both exist in the proper folder)

    Is this what's supposed to happen?

  • The part with loading it in a table does not work, because the table-highlighter overrides elements within that table — the basic idea (besides really problematic issues concerning code rewrites) behind that is that tables are only for information, not for functional stuff, which should go somewhere else. After all, the writing-aspect of Zettlr has to have precedence, that is: When in doubt, functionality that enhances the writing workflow takes precedence, because technical stuff (Wiki-Links, cross-linking of notes, IDs etc. pp) can be achieved in either case, even if it's not as handy/beautiful.

    Long story short: Table formatting for pipe-tables overrides any other highlighter!

    Further, putting anything in single square-brackets won't work either, as this does not constitute any useful Markdown element.

    Using a standard link will assume a link, because Markdown links in the format [Text](link) is considered a URL first and foremost. Exceptions: .md-links (which are also the TLD of Moldova) are by default treated as file-links, not web-links.

    Concerning the [test](test.md)-case: Zettlr does need to be registered as the default app for those files in order for that to work.

    For more information, check out how the app tries to resolve such a Markdown link; it's pretty exhaustively documented, so you don't need to understand JavaScript to understand what it does! https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/blob/master/source/common/util/make-valid-uri.js

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