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Some dubts and comparison with other programs

Dear Hendrik,

I am still considering which program to use for Zettelkasten: Zettelkasten-3, Zettlr or The Archive.

I like Z-3 *VERY* much, but it worries me that the last update is of 2015, so I assume that the developer no longer mantains it, and it would be difficult to bring my data from the xml files it uses to those of another program, should Z-3 ceases to work due to changes in the operating system in the future.

I like Zettlr very much too, I love the presentation mode and the seamless integration with Zotero through json. 

I have some dubts though I'd like to sort out before I jump with both feet on any of those apps. 

  1. If I make a search, is it possible to put all the notes selected by the search inside a project in one go, selecting all of them at the same time and then moving them to the project or the directory? In this way I could mimic the Outline/Desktop feature of Z-3 by opening the notes in the project from outside the application (with any text editor) in different windows and arranging it freely. But if I have to move one note at a time to the project it could be cumbersome, I suppose.
  2. Again, If I have a selection of notes, let it be the notes of a directory or the result of a search, is it possible to freely order them? As far as I can see, the notes are only displayed in alphabetical order.
  3. Also, some users say that Z-3 gets very slow searching when you get 1000+ notes. How about Zettlr? What's your experience? Has anybody used Zettlr with 1000+ notes and performed searches?




  • Hey, thanks for sharing the thoughts!

    Concerning your three points, let me just get to them:

    1. This sounds like a feature that might be discussed here before opening up a feature request on GitHub!
    2. There's already an issue open requesting this on GitHub: https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/issues/120
    3. There were multiple reports by other people, and everybody reports that with 10k-20k files, searching works pretty fast! I could confirm this in a stress test of my own :)


  • I like it when things are moving like that. Two related questions (dubts and comparison) but a bit broader. For me, the Zettelbox is not an a priori, but I wasn't so convinced by Evernote etc either. The main caveat I see of all these tools supposed to help your organise whatever is that they are all "yet another" tool that arrogantly thinks it's the only one you use. Or the only thing they know about other tool is how to imprecisely import and pollute the data so that you would convert to them.

    So I'd dare a more far-fetched comparison : how would you compare Zettlr to Evernote or Tiddlywiki. Because IMHO a Wiki with camelCase as titles and auto-links, something popular 20 years ago, could fill the same segment.

    Can you refute this argument ? I'd like your opinion on this (Both from Hendrik and other community members, feel free to shoot !).

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