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Customize Markdown in Zettlr

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My main interest in Zettlr is that I have a folder with thousands of text files with links back and forth, but all the formatting is in a specific Markdown dialect (not sure if it even has a name) that is found in an Android app called "Wikilin" (now defunct, but I still have it working on my phone) and also in the program TiddlyWiki (definitely more well known).

Here are some examples of their formatting:

! highest heading level
!! next heading level, etc
* bulleted list
# numbered list
[[link to file]] LinksInCamelCase too
[img[path to image file]]
''bold'' (2 single quotes)

Is there any way to make Zettlr use this formatting instead of the type of markdown that comes with it out of the box?


  • Dave


  • Hey,

    no, unfortunately you will have to convert it, BUT depending on the format, the import function might help you, because Pandoc is capable of quite some formats and can convert it for you!

  • Ok, so if I do end up converting, are you aware of any Android apps that can follow your type of markdown link to another file in the same folder? My ideal system (never fully achieved yet) has been to one day have a linked system of text file notes seamlessly synced between my phone and any computer I'm at.


  • Mh, I don't know, because I tend not to do too much editing of Markdown on phones — and for the few times I need to fix a typo, I use the built-in Markdown editor from Nextcloud!

  • Ok, thanks

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