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How to open Zotero reference (and PDF) from Zettlr

Hi everyone,
how can I open the pdf attached to a reference in Zotero from within Zettlr?

I have set up Zettlr and Zotero (with Betterbibtex and Zotfile) as explained in Hendrik's video and the documentation (https://docs.zettlr.com/en/academic/citations/). I also have the Settings ==> Display ==> render citations option activated. Now, when I type @authorname in Zettlr's editor, Zettlr automatically shows me a list of suitable Bibtex keys from my Zotero library. I also see the properly formatted references in Zettlr's attachments side pane. So far, so great.

Ideally, I would like to be able to click on the reference either in Zettlr's editor or the attachment side pane and have Zettlr/Zotero automatically open the linked pdf of that reference. I found this post of reddit, which sounds to me like this should be possible: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettlr/comments/fk58zi/opening_reference_attachments_from_zotero_within/ but this does not work for me, even though everything seems to be set up as required.

Am I missing something, or is this not possible after all? Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • The option is added to the context menu, so when you have a rendered citation, you can right-click it and there should then be a previously hidden option "Open PDF Attachment" where you can choose the citekey for which you'd like to open the respective attachment!

  • Oh man, I totally missed this. Thanks for the quick response! Now Zettlr got even more awesome for me!

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