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Word Target query


A couple of questions about word target:

1) I'm confused how it works. Do you set say 500 words, but it remains at at 100% even when you add to the text. Or do you set it as, say if you already have say 3000 words and then the target you set is 3500? Again when add words, stays at 100%. Sorry if I'm missing something really obvious :#

2) The target word count display is rather hidden, especially if you use the Combined Sidebar mode where it's not viewable at all?
Would it be more elegant and informative to indicate the running word count (and % reached) for a current session, displayed next to the total word count. So say if you set 500 words target for your session, you'd be able to clearly see how much you've written towards that target.



  • Concerning 1) Word Count is what you set as word count. If you insert 500, then 500 words is your count. No unexpected behaviour under the hood. It stays at 100 % because you cannot manage more than 100% of a goal, even if you have like 1.000 percent. It makes no sense.

    Concerning 2): This is indeed an issue I've not come to address right now. But the idea of positioning it close to the actual word count sounds very reasonable.

  • Thanks for your reply. I get it now.

    To be clearer in my original message, I was wondering, could a 'session' word count be added too?

    For example, the final word-count of the doc is 20,000. At the moment, I'd input 20,000, and I'd see the % of how close I get to this final word count.

    Additionally, it can be really useful to have writing session targets. I know many writers, who have a goal of writing 1,000 words per day. What if I could input the session target of 1000, and then see how many actual words I managed to write today (and %) towards the session target. It offers a clearer indication of how much a writer has managed to do in a session, rather than only in reference to the final target count.

    Hope that makes sense. Just a suggestion. Thanks again for this great piece of software.

  • I know many writers, who have a goal of writing 1,000 words per day.

    Perfect, that is also already happening:

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