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Save and Undo


While writing, does Zettlr have an auto-save feature?

And I noticed, when I manually save (Ctrl+ S) while the doc is open, the undo history is reset - is that correct?



  • … the Undo-history is reset? That should not be happening. I keep the Ctrl+S-function capable, because it gives an additional feeling of security. Nevertheless, Zettlr currently auto-saves in every situation (so the shortcut is merely for the mental well-being). But the undo-history should only be reset in case you close and re-open the document.

  • Hello Sir,

    How do I save my zettlr notes so that they are available on all my computers?

  • It works well to keep Zettlr notes synced across multiple computers and smart phone by locating the zettelkasten files in a cloud storage folder. NextCloud, DropBox, and OneDrive can all do the job.

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