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Attach attachments?

Hello - I apologize if this is an existing capability and I overlooked it, but I didn't see it in the documentation.

When I open the attachment pane, I would like to drag an attachment into the text and have that create a markdown link to it. If that's not feasible, I would like to be able to click on the attachment in the attachment pane, copy the name, and then click in the text to create the link.

I have not found a key combination, or a click/right-click that allows me to create a link to an attachment, other than to type out the name of the file as `[file](./filename.ext)`

Is there such a capability that I'm overlooking? if not, can I please make a feature request?




  • You didn't overlook anything, you are right! Currently it's impossible (and it's on the roadmap!)

  • Thank you @hendrik. I have a personal workflow wiki system that I've developed over the past few years using Sublime Text and Python plugins. CTRL-SHIFT-L brings up a list of files in the current directory, and a click on a file creates a link in my markdown at the cursor. If the file is a .PNG or .JPG, the format of the link is modified accordingly.

    I use this feature so much that I also developed a companion plugin to check for widows/orphans: i.e., Markdown links to files that point to files that don't exist, and files in the current directory that don't have associated links in Markdown.

    Thanks so much for a beautiful editor!

  • Sounds really like a sophisticated system!

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