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[BUG] Textbundle export fails to include image files

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When exporting to textbundle, no images are included in the assets folder and links are rewritten to point to the current folder (not the assets folder).


  • I'm on macOS 10.15.4, Zettlr 1.6, and pandoc
  • All image files are in the same folder as the .md files
  • All images show up fine in Zettlr's Editor (and Marked app, MMDC, etc etc)
  • All image links are relative and in this format: ![](image.jpg)
    • I have tried other relative linking like /image.jpg and ./image.jpg. All of these links also show up in the Editor, but still none of the images export


  • Exported image links are rewritten to absolute paths /Users/UserAcct/Path/To/Folder/image.jpg and contain no reference to the assets folder as expected for textbundle
  • I URL escape all my image links, but the rewritten image links are unescaped (not sure if this matters, but including it just in case)
  • I've tried exporting to the temp dir as well as the working dir but neither export properly
  • This seems to be happening with .textpack files too
  • I haven't tested exporting to PDF yet, but exporting to .docx works fine (all images are included)

I think that sums it up. Lemme know if I forgot anything, if I can test anything, or if I've made some boneheaded error!



  • I already saw your issue on the issue tracker, and I'll be looking into it!

  • I was experiencing the same issue and here's what I observed and how I solved it...

    When Zettlr exports to .texbundle, it converts relative image paths to absolute paths.

    My .textbundle Assets folder was empty, as described above. So I opened the .md file in the .textbundle package and had a look to see what had gone wrong.

    The absolute image path links were broken.

    Turns out that in one of the folders in the path I had text in brackets in the folder name. For example:

    Subfolder (my text)

    The absolute path broke at the left-hand bracket in the second subfolder. Seems it was expecting an escape - since it is a bracket - but you cannot have an escape character in a folder name, of course.

    So I removed the brackets in the folder name, for example:

    Subfolder - my text

    Zettlr had no problem with the hyphen instead of the bracket and the .textbundle was created with the images in the Assets folder as it should. Case solved.


    I would much rather have relative paths in a .textbundle that absolute paths. The reason being that any folder reorganisation on the Mac will break the path links in the textbundles. Is there a way of doing this?


  • Seems it was expecting an escape

    No, that's not it, as Zettlr doesn't require escaping any characters … it's more likely that you're using the 1.6, right? Because I already addressed that issue (there were bugs in the algorithm that converted absolute to relative filenames), but they're currently only applied in the recent beta releases!

    I would much rather have relative paths in a .textbundle that absolute paths.

    That is how it's supposed to be (according to the official specifications) — so if the image paths inside your markdown file in a textbundle do not begin with assets/ that's clearly a bug and not intended behaviour!

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    Yes, I am using 1.6.0 (where can I get the latest version?). 1.6.0 is what downloads from the website.

    I'll run more tests and report back. Cheers.

  • where can I get the latest version?

    The beta versions are offered on the repository: https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/releases

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    Thanks, Hendrik. I shall report back. Cheers.

  • I have tied 1.7.8 and now I cannot export to a textbundle (or any other format). Export shows the dialog, I select the format, and the dialog is dismissed. But no export file is created.

  • Export shows the dialog, I select the format, and the dialog is dismissed. But no export file is created.

    Well, that's not good. Is any error or something in the logs shown?

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