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Looking for the 'hide date' option

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Hi Zettlr Community!

Hope everyone is fine and healthy. I'm looking for the option that makes it possible to hide the date & time in the tree view.

I know it's possible because I see that on the website:

But in my Zettlr I have both the date and time and the ID:

It would be nice to hide the date and time here, since it's already in the ID and not something that carriers information. But I cannot find that option in the settings window and neither in the docs.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!


  • Currently, it's either all or nothing; but you can switch off the file meta in the settings, so that the section is hidden altogether!

  • Thanks for the reply!

    Hmm. If I disable the file information I only end up with the titles. And not the titles plus ID like the image on the website shows.

    Can I make a feature request on GitHub to optionally disable showing the date? :smile:

    Have a nice weekend!

  • If you could live without for the time being, better not, as I'm currently drowning in feature requests <.<

  • No problem, it's a visual enhancement wish rather than an actual problem/issue. So it's no problem at all.

  • Just thought there might be one chance to hide the date: Using custom CSS rules!

    body.dark #file-list div.container div.list-item div.meta .date {
      display: none;

    This snippet should work to hide the dates!

  • JmeJme
    edited May 1

    Thank you! The snippet works great, thanks! :)

    I think we can consider this topic solved. :)

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