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I just started using Zettlr and I think it is very good. I went through the documentations and was able to setup the citations. I don't understand how the attachments work though. How are they set up?


  • Sorry, I now understand what was wrong. Somehow the extensions of the attached files ended up in uppercase and the files were thus not recognized.

  • Wait, are you saying that, if you say that you'd like to see ".ppt" files in the attachments, that only files with lowercase "ppt" will be displayed, but not the upper-case "PPT"?

    If so, it's a bug, because filename extensions must be case-insensitive and we'd need to file a bug issue!

  • Yes, that is exactly what happened. I don't know anything about filing bug issues though, sorry.

  • I just fixed the bug, so in 1.3 it won't happen anymore! And about filing bug requests: As this forum will start to grow, I can't promise anything as to whether or not I'll see those things, but maybe other users will see such bug reports in the future and report them in your stead.

  • But how do you make attachment? I can't even attach a file myself!

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    Attachments in Zettlr speak refer to all other files inside your directories, that are not Markdown files. I don't even know who came up with this term, but I just took it =D

    Basically they are other files (PDF, PPTX, etc.) that you might want to keep at hand; you can't do much with them in zettlr, but simply using a single click opens them in the registered application for the file type, so it's a rudimentary file browser built-in!

    How to "attach" a file is therefore obvious now: simply copy a file over to a directory. Once the directory is selected, the file should become visible in the attachments sidebar!

  • Thanks ! It's a bit clearer now.

  • hi... the attachment is quite useful for all those files that can't be embedded...
    But unfortunately mp4 files in the same folder don't show up in attachments...

    Is there a way to embed local videos???

  • Preferences -> Advanced -> Enter the file extensions for those files you want to see in the attachments sidebar!

    (Please note that the preferences got some new commands since the release of 1.3, therefore they won't look the same on your computer)

  • I don't fully understand how to work with attacments. How do you reference them in the current document ? And how do you work with Zotero if the attached file is a paper ?

  • Thankx a lot Hendrik... :)

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