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I just started using Zettlr and I think it is very good. I went through the documentations and was able to setup the citations. I don't understand how the attachments work though. How are they set up?


  • Sorry, I now understand what was wrong. Somehow the extensions of the attached files ended up in uppercase and the files were thus not recognized.

  • Wait, are you saying that, if you say that you'd like to see ".ppt" files in the attachments, that only files with lowercase "ppt" will be displayed, but not the upper-case "PPT"?

    If so, it's a bug, because filename extensions must be case-insensitive and we'd need to file a bug issue!

  • Yes, that is exactly what happened. I don't know anything about filing bug issues though, sorry.

  • I just fixed the bug, so in 1.3 it won't happen anymore! And about filing bug requests: As this forum will start to grow, I can't promise anything as to whether or not I'll see those things, but maybe other users will see such bug reports in the future and report them in your stead.

  • But how do you make attachment? I can't even attach a file myself!

  • edited June 8

    Attachments in Zettlr speak refer to all other files inside your directories, that are not Markdown files. I don't even know who came up with this term, but I just took it =D

    Basically they are other files (PDF, PPTX, etc.) that you might want to keep at hand; you can't do much with them in zettlr, but simply using a single click opens them in the registered application for the file type, so it's a rudimentary file browser built-in!

    How to "attach" a file is therefore obvious now: simply copy a file over to a directory. Once the directory is selected, the file should become visible in the attachments sidebar!

  • Thanks ! It's a bit clearer now.

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