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AppleScript support

I love Zettlr! That is the reason why I need AppleScript support to get it up and running with **Hook**, see <https://hookproductivity.com/help/integration/other-app-developers/>. I've yet told them that I need Zettlr, so Zettlr is on their list. But they need Zettlr to support AppleScript to work. Please help – the combination of Zettlr and Hook would make my Zettlr notes even mightier!


  • Huh? I'm not quite sure what would be needed of Zettlr to support Hook ...? Could you please provide more information on what specifically would be needed that's not possible at the moment?

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    Hi Hendrik. I'm the same boat as the OP. Currently using nvALT but in limbo since the long-promised nvUltra seems not to be coming and my old nvALT keeps crashing in Catalina. Zettlr looks brilliant and has many features I wish for - have also used zkn3 many years ago and rely heavily on Zotero. The only catch with Zettlr is that it doesn't seem to work with Hook an app to which I have become a convert and which connects my scattered sources, notes and project materials.
    What I understand would be needed for Hook to work with Zettlr is some minimal AppleScript support to get (a) a name and URL (or other unique identifier) of the frontmost open resource in Zettlr; and (b) to be able to open this resource later using that same URL/identifier. I understand that Hook's developer would be willing to provide a tailored script for Zettlr if this was somehow possible. (He spelled out the needs under the link provided by the OP). What are the chances that this could happen in the near future? Thanks for considering.

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