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Import from evernote

Hi, I have converted all my evernote notes and imported them into Zettlr.

First I exported them following this article:

And then I used this script to convert them to markdown. Note that this script will copy all the images form your notes into /image and the attachments into /file. So it is pretty much the "zettlr way".

When done, just copy the folder into Zettlr notes folder and you are done. I like to keep them in a "evernote" folder.

Just my 2 cents, Zettrl is pretty impressive.


  • Hi @gagarcr , thanks a lot for this post! I have been looking for a way to import my Evernote notes to Zettlr in bulk, but to no avail.

    When you say

    And then use this script ...

    what script are you referring to? It does not seem to be attached to your post, and I could not find any on the Evernote website, either.

  • I forgot to add the link to the script:


    Just go to the releases page and download the lastest:

    When downloaded, unzip the executable to the same folder as your .enex (your evernote export files).

    Then you have to open a terminal/console, go into that directory and run

    evernote2md [input] [outputDir]

    Change "[input]" to your "file.enex" and give a name to "[outputDir]"

    If you are running it on windows, it should be fine. On linux and mac you have to replace evernote2md to ./evernote2md:

    ./evernote2md My\ Notes.enex TestEvernote

    When completed you can navigate to the notes folder, open them in any markdown editor or copy them to the Zettlr folder.

    Write back if you have any problems.

    PD: I'm not the developer of the evernote2md, its and open source project and we should be very grateful to the creator.

  • Thanks for the explanation @gagarcr ! I tried the evernote2md tool and it works really well for most of my notes. The quality of the translation to markdown varies a bit because the tool does not always recognize correctly what is supposed to be a tag, what is supposed to be a headline etc. That's not the conversion tool's fault of course. It is a result of my bad note-writing habits and because Evernote does not let you define headlines, footnotes, references, etc. (yet another reason to dump Evernote).

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    In case you still would like to try an alternative there's Joplin - a markdown notebook.

    It can import directly in Evernote's export format.

    After importing to Joplin you can export all in .md.

    I use Joplin for collecting stuff. Writing projects, academic references (Zettles) I keep in Zettlr. Makes a good pair of tools!

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