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How to increase space below level 1 unordered list?

Zettlr is great. One thing I personally like is a bit more space below the first level of '-' lists. Because it's so compact now, that my eyes don't like reading it. :)

So I'd like to create more space below these indentation levels:

What would the custom CSS for that be?

I of course tried to do it myself, and came up with this selector:

.CodeMirror-line:has(.cm-formatting-list-ul) {
   margin-bottom: 15px;

Unfortunately that didn't work (made it impossible to select text) and I'm stuck now. Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion (even guesses would be great) :)



  • You can change the font or edit this symbol in some font editor

  • Thanks for replying!

    Unfortunately that's not what I meant. The arrows I drew are to highlight the lines that need more space below them in my view. Since I only want to change the top level lines (and not the indented ones), the arrows show which lines I mean with that.

    I don't need to change the '-' symbol itself. I rather want to give each top level '-' line some margin below so there's a bit more space (line height) between them. :smile:

  • Ouh, I wouldn't recommend fiddling with the line-height — I'm not sure what CodeMirror would do in that case :S

  • My goal is to use margin-bottom, I just have to get the CSS selector right. :smile:

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