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Zettlr as a portable app


I'm coming from 'Zim-Wiki' and 'Tagspaces' as note-taking apps and really like Zettlr and the features it offers.

But my daily job requires the ability to take and view my notes on different customer computers. So I wonder why it would be possible to use Zettlr as a portable app on a USB drive whithout leaving any data on a customer machine. Though the core functionality without the advanced export features of pandoc and latex would suffice for my needs, and could be ignored for the first.

It would be really great to have this feature so I can fully switch over to Zettlr. Thanks a lot for this app an keep up the good work!



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    I had similar needs for a portable version. I've managed to make the 1.6 Version of Zettlr portable with ThinApp. As you can read here:
    The only tiny "problem" is, that the files will be stored under directory: X:\ ...\Zettlr\bin\Zettlr\%Temp% directory after you created the portable version of Zettlr. So everything works for me at least now.

    ThinApp is a non-free software, but I think there is another similar program out there to find, which does the same job as ThinApp:
    I've found some alternatives by serching for: "alternative to ThinApp" OR "making portable Apps"

    • Evalaze
    • Cameyo
    • ...?
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