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Mindforger and Zettlr together

Im testing using Mindforger and Zettlr together. I like how Mindforger developer is interested in AI and processing and analyzing text with it. For example autolinking.



MindForger is human mind inspired personal knowledge management tool.

Mindforger metadata

Mindforger inserts some metadata (tags etc.) after a heading, for example:

# HEADER <!-- Metadata: type: Note; created: 2020-05-20 19:42:15; reads: 4; read: 2020-05-20 19:42:24; revision: 2; modified: 2020-05-20 19:42:24; -->

What I would like to achieve

I would like to suppress this metadata comment string with Zettlr custom CSS. I would be glad if could make the string small font and low opacity so it would not distract me but I could see that it exists. I dont want to edit it in any way so Mindforger can still use it.

My CSS currently

My CSS currently (relevant part bolded):

/* Enter your custom CSS here */
#editor .CodeMirror-code .mute {
opacity: .6;
#editor.fullscreen, .CodeMirror-fullscreen { top: 0px; }
#editor .cm-comment {
opacity: .2;

Problem with my current CSS

The cm-comment part of my CSS affects the comment string in header, but also my code, which is surrounded by '-characters.

For example this line is now opacity 0.2:
`here is code and its surrounding code characters`

In this image, my problem is visible. Metadata is dimmed, yes, but I would like to make its font smaller, make its background color not-gray and I would like the CSS not to affect other code.

Hope I was being clear with my problem. I would like to hear if somebody else is also experimenting with Mindforger and Zettlr. I am grateful for every tip and help I am getting.


  • You may be able to achieve a different styling for HTML comments in the heading by namespacing the .cm-comment-class with .size-header-1 and the like — the DevTools will be of help here.

  • Thank you Hendrik. I was able to specify HTML comment and make the text string less prominent with this:

    #editor .size-header-1 .cm-comment {
    opacity: .1;
    background: none;
    font-size: 1px;
    letter-spacing: 0px;

  • Perfect, glad it worked!

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