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[Suggestion] Any way to improve forum? Colours/visual grouping for posts in different sections

edited May 2020 in General

Are there exist any way to introduce colour for a specific section or even better, divide topics visually to groups by sections?
The categories currently exist, but they are not really visually distinguishable :(

I really like what could be done with Discourse open-source engine (example here), could similar changes could be introduced to current forum engine?


  • There has been the idea of migrating to discourse for Zettlr as well (currently it's running on Vanilla) — so I'll just leave that open for some time here!

  • So many tastes... The example above is a really nice case of a forum on Discourse. But I, for one, kind of like this very simple, textual and light Vanilla-experience among all those numerous more decorated Discourse instances out there, nowadays.

    What concerns me more is how we could get all those different channels (Reddit, Twitter, Forum...) integrated somehow. The more there's people on one channel the livelier and more multifaceted the discussion (I wish).

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