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The Blue Bear CSS

I don't know anything about CSS so you will probably find my code a mess. After a few weeks of testing and researching I created an almost complete theme (95% light and dark) that I thought was beautiful. Some things I don't know how to change like the color of the scroll bar, so I use the Frankfurt theme to match the colors.
Some colors are based on Bear.
Most of the fonts I modified myself, the intention was not to hide all the codes, just to make it more discreet to make reading more comfortable.
I will post the fonts used as well.

Enjoy, modify and post your CSS too! ;)

Light 1
Light 2
Dark 1
Dark 2

The code is too long, so I couldn't post it directly here.
Download: CSS + Fonts



  • That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing it. :smile:

  • @Jme said:
    That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing it. :smile:

    You're welcome!
    I realized that it is better for writers (a lot of text in each header). If you have a lot of headers it would be better to reduce the size of them.

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