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Image title support?

My existing .md files have images formatting like this:

this is the caption

Zettlr does not render the image (just a placeholder). But when I remove the title text, it is fine.

Am I missing something?



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    Hi Hendrik. Sorry, but I am new to all of this.

    This is the md I have for images...

    ![caption](images/filname.png "title text")

    Why does that not work?


  • Ah, yes, because Zettlr doesn't support titles right now; we would need to add that functionality to the rendering algorithm!

  • Ah, right. Can I recommend it for the backlog? Here's the rationale (it's an accessibility issue)...

    The [caption] is displayed beneath the image, of course, and can be styled in CSS. It is also implemented as the ALT text for screen readers.

    But we authors don't always want a caption, but we must have ALT text. With screen readers, when ALT text is missing it reads the contents of the TITLE attribute in the IMG tag. So it is accessible.

    How Zettlr is at the moment means that if there is no caption (and titles are not supported) then it will fail accessibility.

    Have I explained that properly?


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