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Tips on organising notes in Zettlr?

edited June 2020 in Zettelkasten

Hi there!

I'm familiar with the concept of Zettelkasten and have written quite some notes in Zettlr already. I just wonder how you organise notes around a topic using the features that Zettlr has.

Do you search and go through the resulting list? Follow links and copy IDs temporarily into another file as you go?

I've read that people that use other programs also rearrange the notes themselves, and generate a list from that custom ordering. Since that feature is software-dependent, I wonder how Zettlr users organise their notes.

Thanks for any input. :smile:


  • I'm sure there are plenty of more experienced opinions here, but I rely on a combination of:

    • full-text search - this is very helpful
    • index notes
    • category of theme notes, like a mini index
    • temporary notes if I'm developing a specific article or document which either get deleted or slowly migrate towards the final version

    None of these methods are really Zettlr specific, and as far as I understand it that is kind of the point of using plain text files, so that your Zettelkasten implementation with Zettlr is actually software agnostic and so easily migratable (or able to be used with multiple software options at the same time).

    It seems the answer to almost everything with Zettelkasten is 'whatever makes the most sense for you and your individual situation and needs'. The more I use this system, the better I understand the truth in this, but it's admittedly not a super-helpful tip when starting out.

  • Thanks for your input Jadcx, and apologies from my side for the late reply.

    I have index notes around specific topics, but not those indexes connected together. I assume that your index notes establish the hierarchy of the theme notes? Or do you use index notes alongside theme notes to get an overview of a topic?

  • Yes, my index notes (tend to) give me an overview of the theme. In reality, this is a constant work-in-progress type of thing, and so some index notes are very list-y, whereas others are more subjective and grouped within the theme. I'm still very new to this, so I imagine that I will still change my ways of working several times :smiley:.

  • Thanks for the clarification Jadcx.

    Have a nice weekend! :smile:

  • @Jme said:
    Thanks for the clarification Jadcx.

    Have a nice weekend! :smile:

    There's a beer (OK, three) in the fridge just waiting for me to stop work. :smiley: :wink:

  • Then cheers, everyone! ?

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