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Test data to hack on Zettlr


Is there a way to launch the git version of Zettlr with some fake data so I could hack a bit without risking to do anything with my data?

When I developed an open source software, we even had some datasets in the git repository itself in order for everyone to run the same tests. We would even change this dataset to be able to quickly reproduce some datadriven bugs. Not sure how appealing is the idea.


  • Hey,

    Testing is a thing, surely. (And something that's urgently missing from the Zettlr repository, even for the basic functionality, but I haven't had the time to implement Spectron and other more low-level functionality testing.)

    I got a small directory on my computer that I use for testing, where I simply pasted anything that came up in the past two years. Would it help to commit this to the repo? Maybe we could even build upon that. Would also make my life easier maintaining this stuff 😄

  • Let's git it a try ;-)

    Is there a command to run zettlr with the test data ?

  • … it's just opening the folder, opening the notes and checking whether or not they look good =D

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