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Options for presentations

Is there any way within Zettlr, to change the various options that show up in the file? I'm thinking of these:

 *                                                                        *
 * These variables can be changed here in the source, but the recommended *
 * way is to alter them inside your source Markdown file for convenience. *
 * Read more at https://docs.zettlr.com/academic/presentations/.          *
 *                                                                        *
      // Display controls in the bottom right corner
      controls: true,
      // Display a presentation progress bar
      progress: true,
      // Display the page number of the current slide
      slideNumber: true,
      // Push each slide change to the browser history
      history: true,
      // Enable keyboard shortcuts for navigation
      keyboard: true,
      // Enable the slide overview mode
      overview: true,
      // Vertical centering of slides
      center: true,
      // Enables touch navigation on devices with touch input
      touch: true,
      // Loop the presentation
      loop: false,
      // Change the presentation direction to be RTL
      rtl: false,
      // Randomizes the order of slides each time the presentation loads
      shuffle: false,
      // Turns fragments on and off globally
      fragments: true,
      // Flags if the presentation is running in an embedded mode,
      // i.e. contained within a limited portion of the screen
      embedded: false,
    // Flags if we should show a help overlay when the questionmark
      // key is pressed
      help: true,
      // Flags if speaker notes should be visible to all viewers
      showNotes: false,
      // Global override for autolaying embedded media (video/audio/iframe)
      // - null: Media will only autoplay if data-autoplay is present
      // - true: All media will autoplay, regardless of individual setting
      // - false: No media will autoplay, regardless of individual setting
      autoPlayMedia: null,
      // Number of milliseconds between automatically proceeding to the
      // next slide, disabled when set to 0, this value can be overwritten
      // by using a data-autoslide attribute on your slides
      autoSlide: 0,
      // Stop auto-sliding after user input
      autoSlideStoppable: true,
      // Enable slide navigation via mouse wheel
      mouseWheel: false,
      // Hides the address bar on mobile devices
      hideAddressBar: true,
      // Opens links in an iframe preview overlay
      previewLinks: false,
      // Transition style
      transition: 'convex', // none/fade/slide/convex/concave/zoom
      // Transition speed
      transitionSpeed: 'default', // default/fast/slow
      // Transition style for full page slide backgrounds
      backgroundTransition: 'fade', // none/fade/slide/convex/concave/zoom
      // Number of slides away from the current that are visible
      viewDistance: 3,
      // The display mode that will be used to show slides
      display: 'block'

Also, I'd like a more elegant way to show slides by individual bullet points, rather than using more clumsy methods that interject code or instructions into the text of the document every slide. Is there a global setting for that?

Oh, and the link in the text above doesn't work. I get a 404 when I try to open it.


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