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Citation weirdness

Sorry if this been addressed before, but I couldn't find it in the forum.

When using citation, everything is working fine except when the tag is immediatedly followed by a period. As citations are usually added at the end of a sentence, this is a bit annoying. Here ar two screen shots to illustrate my point.

I am using version 1.6.0 on OS X 10.15.5. I tried the 1.7 beta #10, but then the citations would not work at all... Maybe there is something weird with my system.



  • Citations should be pandoc-citeproc compatible, here's the documentation on that, especially how the format is expected.

    In general, citations should follow this format:

    [prefix @CiteKey, locator suffix]


    Something you cite [cf. @CiteKey, p. 23-34].
    --> Something you cite (cf. Citation 2014: 23-34).
    Something with the AuthorName in the text [cf. -@CiteKey, chapter 3].
    --> Something with the AuthorName in the text (cf. 2014: ch. 3).
    Multiple citations [@Citekey1, p. 23; @Citekey2, p. 44-45 and 56; @Citekey3].
    --> Multiple citations (Author 2000: 23; SecondAuthor 1999: 44 f and 56; LastKey 2013).
    Citekey only [@Citekey].
    --> Citekey only (Autor 2015).

    This is also important: https://pandoc.org/demo/example19/Extension-citations.html

  • OK, thank you, So basically, I just have to put everything in brackets and it is working as expected.

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