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Reference Word Document for Pandoc Export in Zettlr. Error

edited June 18 in Features

First of all Thank you for building this program. The dependency on Word at university annoys me so much... its just so inflexible.

Before using Zettlr I used Atom to write my papers in Markdown and used pandoc to export it to a .docx. (I need to have Word as my endpoint, because sometimes I have to hand in .docx files)

Zettlr makes exporting much easier. I tried inserting a reference file in the Zettrl Pandoc settings but I don't seem to have gotten the right command.

This is the "original" pandoc command for my Atom workflow.

pandoc --bibliography=test.bib --csl=freiburg-geschichte.csl --reference-doc vorlage.docx -o test.docx test.md

From that original pandoc command I took --reference-doc vorlage.docxand inserted into the pandoc command from zettlr. I got a error message, that the there is no vorlage.docx in this directory.

I tried this command in Zettlr settings.

pandoc "$infile$" -f markdown $outflag$ $tpl$ $toc$ $tocdepth$ $citeproc$ $standalone$ --pdf-engine=xelatex --mathjax  --reference-doc vorlage.docx -o "$outfile$"

Do I have to give the whole path to this file even if the reference document is in the same directory as my .md file?

Thank you very much for your help.

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