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Search Highlighting breaks Links


when a search item is highlighted within a link than the link won't work anymore as it splits the links in its terms (the highlighted term and the rest of the link):


You have searched for "example" then the link [[this-is-an-example]] won't work as "example" is highlighted and if I click on the link it underlines "this-is-an" and "example" seperarately (so the link won't lead to the original file named this-is-an-example anymore as it would then search for "this-is-an" and "example")

So: is there a way highlighting search terms won't break links (based on filenames)?

Thanks and kind regards


  • This is a known problem and needs to be tackled, yes. It's not something you as the user could mitigate, it's simply bad software design :D

  • And a fix is upstream

  • Ok, cool, I'll be patient :)

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