We are currently planning to migrate to a different platform for the forum. We will announce this fact both here and on Twitter, once we have settled on a solution.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Moving — What should happen to this forum?

Hello everyone,

as some of you might have already seen on Twitter, Zettlr's server needs to move. Hence, this forum is also affected. This is merely to give you a heads-up, but even more so: Ask you on your opinion about what should happen to this forum. Basically we have three options:

  • Keep the forum as is and migrate everything
  • Use a different software for the forum
  • Move the forum to some third party

The last option is something I do not really want, so we're basically left with the choice of keeping Vanilla, switching maybe to Discourse or for the nostalgic to phpBB, or use something different? Your thoughts/ideas on this?

I have already seen people complaining about the way Vanilla works, and I have to also confess, I'm not really happy with this software, and therefore I'm very open to suggestions for different systems to use!

The move will likely happen until mid-July, so there's not that much time, but please feel free to discuss!


  • phpBB was heavy to manage. I haven’t any opinions about Discourse or this one, but Discourse is 100% open source.
    Is it easy to migrate to Discourse ?

  • Is it easy to migrate to Discourse ?

    That would be the next, open question … the easiest way might be to just archive this forum (there's fortunately not THAT much going on here), but apparently migrating is indeed possible!

  • I'd be happy with a move to Discourse, I'm relieved to know that other people find Vanilla a little annoying :smiley:

  • My 2 cents: I have posted just a few times on the forum, and I don't think any of the posts were of tremendous importance to the Zettlr community. Thus, I would favor whatever solution makes @hendrik 's live easier (well, or does not make it more complicated). No need to migrate all content to the new forum.

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    Discourse would be great.

    Mac Power Users, Cloudflare, Drafts, Obsidian, Keyboard Maestro, Automators, and several other top forums are there.

  • enbeh: "Thus, I would favor whatever solution makes @hendrik 's live easier"

    Agree with enbeh. I happen to like Vanilla, but Discourse is just fine, as well. D. uses Google servers for some checks - cannot remember it now more precisely. If that is a problem for some...

    Perhaps loading the contents of this old forum in some read-only form/file to the new one?

  • Perhaps loading the contents of this old forum in some read-only form/file to the new one?

    Yes, this is certainly a good idea!

  • I'm a bit late, but I agree with Hiop and Enbeh: just do whichever is the easiest for you.

    If that's a switch to Discourse, fine.
    If that's archiving the old forum rather than importing, also totally fine.
    If that requires us all to re-register, totally fine too.
    If that's closing the forum and moving to Reddit exclusive, well that's not great but if it's better for you, then I'm fine with it too.


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