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Love the optimism of Zettlr [fun]

I wouldn't say that's close to the average, but then I'm often a bit pessimistic. :smile:

But for sure it's great how much confidence Zettlr has in my writing ability/productivity. :) Ironically on that day I didn't hit my average, but Zettlr didn't judge the next day I started the app. ;)

Keep up the great work on Zettlr. <3


  • Hahaha, for you the previous setting that we had somewhere in Zettlr 0.9 or so would be better, where this message would pop up only if you were about 10 % off your daily average :D

    I switched to 50 % somewhere in 2019 to be a little bit more optimistic and don't force-push people too much! But, seriously, I have never managed to get Zettlr to show me the >100k words-message, impressive!

  • Thanks, the process of writing in Zettlr is quite rewarding since there's very little friction. So I'm really happy to work with it. :)

  • I also love the "building on your previous self" concept, I use coda before to wirting , had setup that kind of daily average metric for myself. So when I saw it in Zettlr, I immediately loved it.

    However I'm using Chinese as main language , so the word count does not reflect the reality, can not use it as intended :(

  • so the word count does not reflect the reality, can not use it as intended

    You can switch to count characters instead of words in the preferences precisely for this use-case

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