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Note transposition (a future feature suggestion)

Earlier I posted External 'Footnotes" included, going through the forum I found a similar post How do you integrate small/atomic notes into larger thought units (using Zettlr)? both are suggesting the same feature — a way to assemble a gaggle of notes into a single document. Hendrik is busy with 1.7 the moment and I have no wish to disturb him, however, his response to Enbeh made me reconsider my suggestion.

Hendrik saw a parallel with breaking down a long document into a series of notes, with the manual pasting together of note content into a long documents. I agree with him, that not only does facility already exists 'cut & paste', it is best left as such. However, transposing a note into a longer document preseves its connection and context, and perhaps this should be considered asa possible future feature:

  1. Notes, with IDs, tags and organised into indexes; cited quotes and stray ideas that have a usefulness of their own as a notebook (an index of notes).
  2. References to the note are implicitly organised into 'Project blocks' — the manuscript.
  3. The published end-product dissolves these references into a seamless piece — the book.
  4. Three distinct things that together, in another index, make a folio; notes, notebook, manuscript and the book together.

I believe this can add a self-documenting dimension to the Zettelkasten system. It has the editing virtue of keeping similar things together that can be corrected once, but affecting many.

The 'note reference' as a 'fold' would be ideal and consistent, a special link to an ID and a YAML title to be discarded during project processing.

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