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How to handle 'replace file' dialogs?

edited July 3 in General

Hi community,

What's the best way to handle the 'replace file' dialogs? With 1.7 I get them on every save action that Zettlr performs.

It seems that clicking 'OK' or 'Cancel' has the same behaviour. Is it safe to use either option? Also, is it smart to enable 'always load remote changes'? I don't want to accidentally lose work.

(I enabled watchdog since the settings said that might help. But the messages still appear. Perhaps I need a different setting for watchdog. It's 1000 now by default. Should that be higher or lower? I don't really understand what a watchdog does. :smile: )



  • Ok will re-read the file from disk and replace it in the editor, and Annuleren/Cancel will keep whatever you have in the editor, and write it to file once you modifiued & saved it

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