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Symbol in text

New to Zettlr, learning to use it for scientific notes with citations and references. I need to have text with symbols, like Galpha1 (alpha should be a symbol). I type G$\alpha$1, the symbol is not showing at all unless I insert a space before "1". Am I doing this right?


  • I think you need the space so that Zettlr renders the $\alpha$ character, but once it has, you can then remove the space.

  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, when you return to the note, it disappears again. I have tried the trick. One exception is you can add a "-", but you can't have "-" all over the place in your text.

  • Then you should check out the GitHub and log a bug if this is not already known about.

  • It's not a bug, it's expected: You shouldn't use LaTeX for single character symbols. If you need specific symbols without equations etc, please use the AutoCorrect feature so that you can, e.g., type :alpha: to add that specific char.

  • Hendrik: thank you, the AutoCorrect feature works

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