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How to disable update notification

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I really like zettlr, but can't stand the update notification. I use a package of my linux manjaro distro (V. 1.6.0) and don't want to update manually. Therefore the update notification "New Version 1.7.0" is really annoying. I decide when to upgrade and don't like to get bothered with this message.

Is there a way to disable this message? I searched in the configuration dialogue but found nothing.

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    I updated with the command yay -Syu. And now there is the annoying message: You are working with the actual version.


    Maybe I ditch it for atom.

  • I agree that this message is quite irritating and pointless. Does it really make sense to keep it in 2020 ?

  • Yes, because if the message is not there, a lot of people will rarely update. This is not to make the experience bad for people who can't update, but to actually make the experience awful for people who choose not to update.

    The main problem is that I cannot maintain more than one stable version, and the past has shown that people tend to throw already resolved bug reports at me, which is why I still ask people on GitHub to submit their version, and a lot of times I can actually just tell the person "please update, the bug has already been fixed" — so for me the update-coercion is a failsafe for me to ensure people are nudged to update.

    What I might consider would be a file/flag to be set explicitly to disable the update check, but nothing easily enabled, because I actually want to force people to update because of said reasons.

  • This would be a solution for the experienced user. You catch the noobs with it. And thats what you want.

  • There's still the annoying "you are up to date" popup.

    For me, the "new version" popup is particularly painful when I'm working against the clock for a deadline. My procrastinating geek wants to make the upgrade ASAP. But my experienced engineer tells me that it is always a bad idea to upgrade during a rush ;-)

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    I guess that the option to configure a file (to catch up "noobs") could work, but only if you don't truly hide the notification, otherwise (at least me) I'll forget to update. This case I am talking from Windows perspective. In Linux I don't have such problem.

    Having the option and the freedom to update few days later without the pain of this remembering box is a must.

    I propose that you enable an option in config file or whatever with something like "change_popup_with_little_icon" that lets us to see a little warning icon that tells us "lol, I have to update this anytime soon" than just a "forget it" option.


  • Yeah, I think I'll move that thing finally to the toolbar with an optional icon appearing whenever there's an update available …

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