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Internal Linking

First things first: loving Zettlr and have been following a while. Thanks for creating this software - hope it will be around for a long time.

Still struggling to understand how Zettlr works. Reading about Internal Linking and then tried what was described in the documentation. But I am unable to use it as described.

On macOS 10.15.5 typing [[ triggers the internal documents as a dropdown. I select the document I want to link to internally. The result is the internal ID followed by the title: [[20200704100224]] Document Title.
Documentation claims

Alt-Click on an internal link will immediately open the first matched file

but when I alt-click on the internal ID of the internal link I generated earlier, nothing happens. When I press alt the mouse cursor changes to a +but clicking the internal link with alt pressed does not open the linked document.

FAQ has section about How should regular Markdown links look like to work as intended? so wondering if internal linking should result in that format?


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