We are currently planning to migrate to a different platform for the forum. We will announce this fact both here and on Twitter, once we have settled on a solution.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Server — Move is Imminent // Need to re-register

Dear all,

we have just provisioned a new server and are slowly migrating all services to the new one. In order to upgrade some of our services, this forum will also be moved, but additionall moved to a discourse instance! This means that you need to re-register on the new forum. We will make sure to archive this forum in some way so that it remains accessible. For more information, make sure to follow us on Twitter!


  • Short update: Just moved the forum to the new server and decided the new URL should be discuss.zettlr.com, so there's much time …

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    Hi Hendrik - thanks so much for all your work around Zettlr. What is the status of the move? Your post from July 2020 states discuss.zettlr.com will be the new URL, but that does not work for me. Maybe you can update this thread with the new URL an a status update as it currently is unclear whether forum.zettlr.com will stay active or not and if not what the timeline for migration is and where users would migrate. The blue migration banner at the top of this forum here adds to the confusion. Seeing quite a few recent entries it feels as if this is still active.

  • I wasnt able to do this yet. I will announce it here. Pleas ebe patient.

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