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Saved searches in Zettlr

I'm still in the early phases of establishing a new workflow using Zettlr and my "feature requests" may be downright silly. Therefore I wanted to post them here in the forum first. This way I'm hoping to learn, more than anything. Learn about other people's workflows and ways of using the tool...

Creating a directory structure did not really work for me since Zettlr is context-aware. When I perform a search, it sometimes only searches in the selected directory and that's not what I want most of the time. So, I decided to make heavier use of tags and move all files to a single directory. But I still miss the hierarchical file structure (to a certain degree). Here is what I thought:

Divide the sidebar into 2 vertically. Move file manager to the bottom pane and create a user-customizable list of saved searches. This can be just a tag (like #daily), or a more complicated search query that can be pinned in the pane. This way I can reach the files that I use the most often and use the search for everything else.

But then... While reading the documentation (yes, I did that), I found a very nice tip about using internal links as saved searches: "The internal links ... will work as a search function, so Cmd/Ctrl clicking them will start a search — this is great for saving searches you do often!" (This may be obvious for most users, but I did not realize this possibility until I read it in the documentation. But this tip is buried under References > Settings. I immediately thought: this should be promoted as a feature of the application :). The title of this post is an attempt to make this visible for the search engines. Actual documentation: https://docs.zettlr.com/en/reference/settings/#the-internal-links.)

So, I want to give this a shot: I will use an index file (that will always appear at the top of my files due to the file name) that will contain my saved searches so that I can visualize a hierarchy.

I wonder how other people approach this problem?


  • but I did not realize this possibility until I read it in the documentation

    Haha, that's why there is a documentation :D Concerning search, there will be updates sometime!

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