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Clickable links from references

In Zettlr, an external reference library can be accessed via @... (if the citation database is specified in Preferences -> Export). The cited references then show up in Zettlr under "View attachments", as well as at the end of exported (html, pdf, ...) files.

My question: is it possible to make the citations (within the main body of a zettel/exported file) clickable if the reference contains a DOI or URL? The default setup seems to be that there are only clickable links in the references list appended to an exported file.

Thanks very much to everyone who contributes to this valuable free and open software project!


  • If you use Zotero and have it running (not sure if it works with others as well), you can Ctrl + right click on a reference in Zettlr and pick Open Attachment to open an attached PDF.

  • Thanks, nistude! That already helpful, and it seems to work with just a right click (no Ctrl necessary).

    Is there an even more direct option?

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