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Move text files as desired with Zettlr

I would like to write longer texts with Zettlr that I have selected from several text files (chapters/scenes). Zettlr is recommended for scientific writing, but cannot move text files around (as far as I know), like ZKN3 or authoring tools like Manuscript or Bibisco can.

How do you organize this? Surely I am not the only one who is so to work...

Lg, Horst
(translated by Deepl)


  • but cannot move text files around

    Yes, it should be, you should be able to drag and drop files around within the application. If you can't then either there's something wrong with your specific configuration or we do have a bug.

  • I expressed myself badly. I mean, arbitrarily shift within a folder. An outliner function - as many authoring tools have - IMO is not integrated into Zettlr. How do you do it when chapter "Zeus" should come before chapter "Aphrodite"? Rename the files manually (1-Zeus, 2-Aphrodite)?

  • Rename the files manually (1-Zeus, 2-Aphrodite)?

    Currently, yes. But manual sorting is on the backlog!

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