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Interactive tutorial

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The Getting Started section of the Zettlr documentation makes mention of an interactive tutorial that should be found in the Documents folder on installation. I don't seem to have it. Was it removed in the current version of Zettlr? Where can I find it?



  • This tutorial is only there when you first start the app. Zettlr looks for a config-file (which will be created either way), and only if it does not find such a config-file, it will assume that possibly the app is started for the first time, and then it will copy the interactive tutorial.

    If you would like to have a look at the interactive tutorial, close the app, go to the application data directory, and rename your current config.json to something else (e.g. config.backup.json) and start the app again. It should then show the tutorial. After you're done, you can replace the newly created config.json with your config.backup.json again and continue working normally.

  • Thank you hendrik. That wasn't clear in the documentation. I was looking for an explicit connection between zettlr and yaml. From what I can tell reading all the documentation, Zettlr dœs not require yaml header to function, but pandoc dœs, and Zettlr will make more use of it in the future. Something like that?

  • Neither Zettlr nor Pandoc require YAML frontmatters, but they do make sense in certain situations. I've added a YAML documentation recently.

  • I installed Zettlr. Then removed it. I reinstalled it after a couple of months. And the Tutorial is not there. I followed what is mentioned here, the Zettlr Tutorial folder is created with 3 files, one zettlr.png, references.json, and Pandoc and LaTex guide.pdf. Nothing else.
    The Zettlr Tutorial folder is empty in the app.
    This is 1.7.5 version, on Arch Linux

  • Where can I find these Zettlr Tutorial files?

  • I had the same issue - installed Zettlr (in Windows) but couldn't open the tutorial file... I tried to uninstall/reinstall the program a couple of times, but still had this problem.
    I think I might have fixed this by following the advice given in the Docs » First Steps » Setup section: "If you want to completely remove all data associated with the app, also remove the directory C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Zettlr"
    I restarted my PC and I'm good to go now! :)

  • The tutorial will be copied & opened if Zettlr does not find a config.json in your user data directory. You don't have to trash everything, just rename the config.json, e.g. to "config.backup.json". Then on the next start it'll copy over the tutorial files.

  • I have the same issue (1.8.7 on Windows 10): No tutorial is shown at start after installing Zettlr. Removing the config.json file or even the whole AppData\Roamin\Zettlr directory does not help. I've tried various combinations of installing/running as admin/as single user - all unsuccesfully.
    Anything else I could try?

  • @micbre said:
    I have the same issue (1.8.7 on Windows 10): No tutorial is shown at start after installing Zettlr. [...]

    Btw, I have now noticed various other issues with my installation, all export-related. I should probably not discuss those in this thread, but maybe they have a common reason. For example, I had MikTeX and pandoc already installed, but one problem I see is that during PDF export Zettlr apparently tries to install more TeX packages which it isn't allowed to. (I tried to update all Miktex packages, but that doesn't seem to help). Maybe not being able to copy the tutorial files to the right place is a similar problem of missing rights...?
    So maybe you have a general recommendation here: On a private Windows machine, how should I install Zettlr, TeX and pandoc, system wide or as single user? Up to now I did everything system wide, but this seems to be part of the problem here.

  • Yeah, the exporter does have some problems. But right now, the new 2.0-dev branch already exceeds all expectations with regard to correct and reliable exports, and it's only getting better. Sorry that 1.8.7 still has these problems, but in the end I learned a lot over the past three years and that is finally coming to fruition!

  • Cool!
    Btw, I managed to get export running by re-installing everything (zettlr, pandoc and, probably most importantly, MikTeX), but only for a single user. (This is stupid, of course, but Windows...) Export seems to work more or less as expected now.

    Still no luck with the tutorial, though: Removing config.json cleans my recent files etc, but does not load/show the tutorial.
    Definitely not a pressing issue for me; I think I got the hang of Zettlr by now... but it's a pity: having an interactive tutorial would definitely be a nice way to get started quickly.

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