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What about a Zulip?

There was a question, a few weeks ago, about building a Slack or a Slack-like Zettlr community.

I've always loathed Slack as very distracting and inefficient. Recently, at work, we migrated to Zulip and this is a whole new way of communicating.

In fact, I think that a Zulip chat could elegantly replace both this forum and a Slack. It mixes the best of both world in a single place.

So, what are the advantages of Zulip:

  • One place for the community to gather
  • Same place to share and search for ressources
  • It's Open Source !
  • Can be installed on your own server but hosted version is free for Open Source projects !
  • Name starts with Z

Zulip blog has a pretty convincing read about it: https://zulipchat.com/why-zulip/

And this is a blog post about using Zulip for remote collaboration : https://monadical.com/posts/how-to-make-remote-work-part-two-zulip.html

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