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autosave bug

Although the autosave works fine in my case. I face a problem.

I am guessing that the autosave feature saves our working file once in every 5 seconds. In this span of 5 seconds I usually loose the text I type when the * (asterisk) symbol disappears from the filename on the top.

I did not had this issue in version 1.6, but I get this problem now in 1.7.

Platform: windows 10.



  • I realised I have the exact same issue on Linux. I've written thousand of text with 1.6 and never had the problem. 1.7 is unusable :-(

  • also, the dialog "this file has been modified without saving" randomly popup when the text is being erased.

  • Yeah, it's pretty much a weird bug we had since I rewrote the FSAL. If you want some collective confusion, have a look here: https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/issues/746 (I already memorized the issue ID, which is not a good sign, I think :D)

  • Thanks for the reference.

    even I am working on the files through OneDrive. A temporary fix for now is to pause the syncing while you work with zettlr.

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