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Invalid citation


How do I find which citation this message refers to? I believe this started showing up after my upgrade to 1.7.2 but cannot be sure.

It only shows up on startup and therefore it does not seem to be possible to open developer tools to see more.



  • How do I find which citation this message refers to?

    Should be in the logs (in the logs sub-folder in the Zettlr settings); it looks as if there's an error in the library file, because it's not even displaying …?

  • I'm not any wiser after checking the logs. This is what it looks like after a restart of Zettlr:

    [17:36:04] [Info] Cleaned up FSAL cache: Removed 546 remnants.
    [17:36:08] [Info] こんにちは! Booting Zettlr at Mon Jul 27 2020 17:36:08 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time).
    [17:36:08] [Info] Electron reports ready state. Instantiating main process...
    [17:36:08] [Warning] [citeproc] Malformed CiteKey @�Invalid Citation - Invalid citation passed: @�.
    [17:36:13] [Info] [FSAL Watchdog] Activating file polling with a threshold of 1000ms.
    [17:36:13] [Info] Loaded all roots in 4.305 seconds

    But as you suspected, it was an invalid chapter in the JSON file:

      "id": "�",
      "type": "chapter"

    Thank you for your help Hendrik!

    For anyone who may encounter a similar problem, I used the following regex in Notepad++ search to find the offending entry in the file: "id":\s+"[\W]+

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