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Export a project on Linux broken ?


Exporting a project on Linux seems broken for me on Linux. I've reported the bug here : https://github.com/Zettlr/Zettlr/issues/1131

I'm still going on this forum to see if I'm alone with this problem or if it's a bug with 1.7.2.

Can anybody try to export a project?


  • My bug was well a bug. Please don't reply to this thread and see the bug report if you run into a similar issue.

  • May be related problem running 1.7.2 on Manjaro references not showing in attachment lists, no problem in HTML5 output and preview. all of footnote type.

  • Will be fixed in 1.7.3! I just forgot a variable :D

  • edited August 1

    Tested 1.7.3
    Export project (pdf) works for me again.
    (Linux Mint 20 cinnamon)
    Thanks :)

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