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Customize the pattern regex?


I wonder if you could point me where in the code I could add custom patterns to be recognized and styled in the #editor.

I am trying to write some documentation and similar things in Zettlr, and I would like to define some callouts etc.

I would _also_ like to add support for comments that will not be processed by Pandoc. There's a bit of a hack using yaml blocks:


[//]: # (this is a comment)





# comment




This is too weird for Zettlr so far.... the first one kind of works, looking like some link, but the second one (which is more convenient) looks like two headings and two hr elements :-)


  • PS: I presume I'll have to compile Zettlr; that's ok.

  • When it comes to doing specialisation to the underlying highlighting mode, I'd rather recommend you head over and have a look at writing CodeMirror modes, because I think this is what you're searching for.

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