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Export - Template (spanish)

Thanks to Hendrik and his whole team of collaborators.

Version: 1.7.3
When I export a small test project, the syllabic division in the documents is not always correct. Also, the TOC appears in English.
I guess that's because the file export.tex I have to modify it to use Spanish.

This is how I have edited that part of the export.tex


but it doesn't work for me.

Is there an export.tex template to use with Spanish language?

Thank you.



  • This sounds quite important, so if anyone knows a way to set the language of a document, we can add this to the default template so that it works for all languages!

  • edited August 18

    It finally works:

    Just adding: -V lang=es

    pandoc "$infile$" -f markdown $outflag$ $tpl$ $toc$ $tocdepth$ $citeproc$ $standalone$ --pdf-engine=xelatex -V lang=es --mathjax -o "$outfile$"

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