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Workflow question using Scrivener and Bookends?

edited August 13 in General

I have recently come across the idea of Zettlekasten and am considering starting to use this type of notes for my doctoral research in theology. I have some questions about workflow and am hoping someone can help me know if this sounds possible and what pitfalls I might have.

  1. Is it technically possible to use Zettlr to take notes and make connections, with Bookends to make bibliography and in-note citations, and Scrivener to write, manipulate portions of large documents, and plan my work? I'd also like to use something like Nebo on an iPad I'm getting to take notes on readings I'm taking, then converting my writing to text. Is it possible to integrate all of these together?
  2. I am not keen to have to use a lot of computer programming workarounds to make this happen.
  3. What drawbacks might there be?
  4. If this seems possible, do you have any suggestions of a workflow?

I am on a Mac and will be getting an iPad shortly.

Thank you for any help you can be,

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