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Mdnotes for Zotero — a life changer

I am an idiot, I saw Zotero as a storage device, and had loaded projects into its directories — not really a good idea. The idea was so fixed I did not take in just how powerful Zettlr is and overlooked a very important Mdnotes for Zotero.

This add-on I passed-by because it exported Markdown from Zotero whereas I wanted to get things into Zotero.

Passing Zotero item information to Zettlr directories has changed everything Zotero, leaving a reference to the file as a link attachment in Zotero, allows me to tailor a project in Zettlr and it is coming alive as an IDE.

This may be redundant considering the number of experienced contributors, but I would rather look an ideiot for stating the obvious than have people wasting time. Life got easy a lot faster.

So this is both a thank you and Hendrik, and a warning not to underestimate the stupidity of the over-focused individual, the full power of your Zettelkasten IDE approach is only now dawning, I am about to spread my wings and fly into the dusk.


  • Thanks. Very interesting message. I feel like I'm not even touching 1% of the power of Zettlr+Zotero

  • wow, thank you so much. I think you should make your workflow tutorial on zettlr+zotero :)

  • Very kind replies, somehow I think the whole workflow things should be ts own discussion, I have a lot to learn.

    I will try and get some stuff together, but it will not be for a while, I need to get the workflow better organised though, I am stull getting my head around much of it and have changed a couple of times since I posted, Md notes is still central, but I have to work out a way to better autmotise things. I think we need a script interface-launcher in zettlr to customise things -- at the moment I am relying too much on sequences, it should be a one hit thing, from either zotero or zettlr or both.


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